HealthPHR | Health On The Cloud

HealthPHR | Health On The Cloud

We're driven by a mission to improve healthcare with an award-winning PHR that is web-basedand completely free. It's why we're the fastest growing PHR community in the country.

With HealthPHR, you can see doctors’ open appointment times and book instantly online – no more phone calls, and no more month-long waits. But better access to care was just the start.

We provided this complete healthcare solution which helps you find the best rated healthcare entity in the local market be it a physician, hospital, lab or pharmacy.Trying to find a neighborhood physician who meets your needs? With HealthPHR, it’s as simple as it should be. You can also make informed choices with verified reviews, stay on top of important checkups with tailored reminders, and more. And those pesky waiting room forms? Fill them out online – just once – and you can use them over and over again.

Of course, your healthcare experience probably isn’t perfect yet. That’s why HealthPHR will keep dreaming solutions up and rolling them out. But no matter what, our mission will remain the same: give power to the patient. We simply believe there’s no better way to deliver the great healthcare experience we all deserve.

HealthPHR’s mission is to connect doctors, patients and data to drive better health and save lives. There’s no catch, it’s really free. HealthPHR’s platform connects the complex ecosystem of medical professionals, patients, labs, billers, imaging centers and life science partners.

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