Gartner Peer Insights – Reviews & Ratings for IT Software & Services

In day to day live you want to buy something from ebay, Amazon etc... Or you want to find some restaurants near your place or you want to watch a movie . The first thing you do is look for reviews and based upon that you take decisions about which product to buy or which movie/restaurant to go ahead with.

Gartner came up with the similar concept which is reviews and ratings for IT Software & Services called as Gartner Peer Insights.

Lets say you are indecisive between few vendors for some product/service you want to implement in your organisation. Or if you are confused about which product to go ahead with... for example you want to implement some ERP and not sure whether to go ahead with SAP or Oracle.

You may want to know some review or feedback about them. Check out what other people in the same domain or market are saying about them.

Gartner Peer Insights collects detailed reviews and ratings from its end users. By collecting detailed reviews of enterprise technology products from individuals who have implemented the technology themselves, Gartner Peer Insights has the potential to improve the IT procurement and implementation process for countless enterprise technologists and their employers.

Recently it became available for public to read the reviews from top level management. We have gathered quite a few substantial number of high-quality reviews on many popular enterprise IT products.

If you have some moments, head on over to Gartner Peer Insights to read a review or write a review !

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